Sherlock being shot in the head is the saddest and most tragic way I can think of sherlock being killed because it would destroy the beautiful mind that saved lives, the beautiful mind that thought he wasn’t enough for john hamish watson, the beautiful mind that changed so many lives.

Woah there satan

Does that mean John being shot in the heart would be the same?

we said woah there

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i hate teachers who give homework over break like do u not understand what a break is do u want me to demonstrate on ur neck

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Petition to get Nathan Fillion a role in Avengers 2 so these two can act together.

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Okay, I’ve been feeling very generous  lately, so a hella giveaway for all you lovely followers out there!!

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(I’m lying to myself, this isnt gonna get past 5k, but it’s a thought)

  • If this gets 5k notes I will also get the winner a book of their choice, within 20$ of value
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I miss your sass, Gabriel.

can we please just acknowledge the fact that we have a typical Dean/Sam bro scene in the Impala but with Cas as driver and FREAKING GABE as shotgun basically talking daddy issues and self-loathing and how to save the world for dummies. The parallel with the boys is so unreal. This is so unreal

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